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Welcome to IDEAxCHANGE

this site will open May 1, 2014.

Any UTMB employee can join IDEAxCHANGE. Then, they can make a difference at UTMB by sharing solutions, ideas, and problems, and voting for thoughts they like!

To make it easier to navigate different ideas, IDEAxCHANGE has 5 sections:
- Grand Challenges – share creative solutions to UTMB Grand Challenges & post new challenges
- Ideas – share ideas to improve UTMB and its patient care, research, education, etc.
- Problems – uncover problems that you would like solved; your colleagues can share creative solutions
- Comments – share any other thoughts
- Translational Science Challenges – help solve these challenges in Translation Science research & post additional challenges

Please read the FAQs for guidance about what should be posted in these areas. Also, the FAQs discuss how you can win iPads for your IDEAxCHANGE participation.

Whenever appropriate, MODERATORS will forward your ideas and problems to UTMB administrators and help ensure prompt response and action.

IDEAxCHANGE solutions, challenges, ideas, and problems with the greatest number of votes will enter the Collaborative Innovation class. In this class, teams will review posted solutions, challenges, ideas, and problems, and select the ones they will tackle. On August 14 the teams will present their breakthrough solutions to UTMB and UT leadership in the Challenge Tank.

More information is available at Innovation Challenge 2014.

Questions about IDEAxCHANGE? Visit the FAQ site or contact Stan Watowich (

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